Thursday, April 23, 2009


  • Reading: just finished Killing Bridezilla, by some funny chick mystery writer. What? I love the chick lit!
  • Writing/editing: just got home from work, so ... no.
  • Coffee units: 2 (the 2nd pot is still brewing)
  • Noteworthy nibbles: fresh sheep's milk cheese (the milk came from sheep milked Tuesday!) with French bread, apple slices and organic Californian strawberries

Really, there hasn't been much exciting to post about besides the delicious snack. This is what happens when I stop at New Seasons on the way home from work and John is at home with a sick midget, needing a snack. YUM.

I also just want to point out that stores that actually expect to sell clothes should carry clothes in sizes beyond S and XS. What is up with that? I stopped by the cutest shop yesterday and would have been tempted ... except that apparently my body is unwelcome in those clothes. Weirdly enough, the shopgirl was awesomely nice.

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