Monday, April 27, 2009

playing catch up

Reading: re-reading I Capture the Castle, by Dodie Smith
Writing/editing: worked up a 2nd draft of the werewolf story
Coffee units: 2.5
Noteworthy nibbles: saltine crackers with red pepper hummus

John is home sick today. I would joke that it's the swine flu, but that seems too chancy. Poor guy. His tummy is killing him.

It felt wonderful to sit down with my story about Ellen the werewolf and do some work on it. I mostly filled in some blanks that had been rushed out of the first draft, and I have to admit I did insert an image that was totally stolen from the office where we have ZS meetings. I had almost given up on this story, but my writing partner was eager for something to read this week, and I didn't have anything else that was close to ready. So I am going to print it up and subject Sue to it. Poor woman.

Other than that, I merely tidied up my desk, read a bit and daydreamed about the ballet that John and I saw on Saturday. It was a wonderful performance, and the ballet men were magnificent. Yay, culture!

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