Tuesday, April 07, 2009

One Pokey Little Puppy

  • Reading: Just After Sunset, Stephen King
  • Writing/editing: --working on the 3rd draft of Lohra's story (made a whopping 200 words tonight)
  • Coffee units: 3.5
  • Noteworthy nibbles: Seeds of Change korma simmer sauce

Once again, a depressing night's work. Now that I've set the goal to be done with the 3rd draft of "Lohra" by the time we go to vacation in May, a million and ten things keep popping up: my own psychoses (absolutely freaking out about the state of the kitchen, my own overwhelmedness, and my deep and abiding feeling that John will never marry me because I'm a) a slob and b)ugly and c) probably getting bored with a boring, ugly slob), my kid, tomorrow's lunch, my psychoses ...

Oh yeah, there's not enough coffee in the world to keep me writing tonight.

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