Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday, I'm in love

Reading: Darker Than You Think, Jack Williamson!
Writing/editing: --made 1300 words on the Lohra rewrite already!
Coffee units: 1.5 + 1 cup of hot cocoa!
Noteworthy nibbles: hopefully going out for dinner tonight!

This is the kind of day where a girl just wants to use a lot of exclamation points. I managed to get a quick (10 minute) "run" in this morning (I ran a little, walked a little), which makes me feel like a champ. I will probably do a lot of walking this afternoon, but getting in some speed first thing in the day is pretty neat. Don't tell my sister, though. She's been trying to convert me to running for forever, and I don't want her to get smug.

Last night I saw the movie Paprika. What a great movie! I highly recommend it.

Writing has gone badly this week, but this morning I am off to a good start. The Lohra re-write is more re-writing and less editing. Looking at the previous draft is like looking at a 125,000 word outline that isn't necessarily correct. There's a ton of work to be done, but I feel very confident. It helps that every single rewritten passage is about 250X better than the original!

I am really hoping this rewriting goes well, because I haven't had the best luck with editing and revision in the past. I am good at churning out the crap and good at editing short stories, but when it comes to a book, WHUFF. It's SO hard. So hard. I need to flex muscles I'm not sure I even have! And I need to see everything all at one time. Which isn't easy. I hope I'm getting better at it, though. I'd like to someday finish a book.

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