Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Arrghh! May 20th is coming!

I'm sitting here, surfing the campaign sites for Hillary and Barack, trying to prepare myself for our primary in May. It's nice reading. It's hard to not to be pleased when both of the candidates in front of me are progressive-minded, intelligent people with a track record of good works. If only one of them was ugly or really old, with a heart condition (oh wait, that's Cheney), or particularly evil (they are pretty equal, I think, adjusting for age). Maybe I should just flip a coin, or perhaps vote for the one who has raised the most money. . .

Actually, deep down, I know who I will vote for. I have had my mind made up all along, but I am trying to be open-minded and see how things develop. No matter who wins, it will be a historic election!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Someone lovely is gone

Most of you out there don't know him, but on Saturday a noble gentleman died: Paw Paw. He was Martha Stewart's dog and for many years now I have been reading about his exploits and watching him age, all on the pages of the magazine and web page. I never met this fella, but I felt as if I knew him, and I admit I got misty-eyed when I read Martha's blog post.

How strange it is to feel such a connection to someone I have only read about! It is as if one of my favorite literary characters was killed in a story, like the moment Sirius walks through that arch. But at least this dog star led a long and happy life, and died of old age.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

AWE: Alpaca Western Extravaganza!

Last night, John told me that he would take us to a surprise outing, and that the doors opened at 9 am. I interrogated him as best as I could, but this morning I still totally clueless when we drove up to the Portland Expo and saw the signs: Alpaca check-in, this way. Alpacas!!!!! I am of the firm belief that the alpaca is the hands-down cutest animal on the planet, and a giant exposition hall full of them only cemented that belief.

The thing that is the most amazing about alpacas isn't their funny hoof-paws. It isn't their 6 inch long second set of eyelashes. It isn't their super-soft, deliciously colored fleece (oddly enough, alpacas seem to come almost entirely in dessert colors--creamy whites, browns, cocoas and lavender-gray). It's the fact that 9 alpacas out of 10 stop what they're doing to look you over when you walk by, and their huge brown eyes are friendly and curious, like a dog's. And then they want to sniff you! I really wanted to pet every single one that put its head out of its pen to check me out, but I also didn't want to mess up their hair. This event is one of the most important shows in the country for alpaca breeders, and ribbon at it would add extra zeroes to a winner's selling price. But eventually I did succumb and put my face up close to a couple of extra friendly sniffers. They actually put their nose right up against my face to give me good sniffing! It was like an alpaca kiss! (Their lips are pretty whiskery.)

So I have been kissed by an alpaca! I am so happy!

Friday, April 04, 2008

Sick, again!

This time, it's Fiona. She's been sick all week--fevers, vomiting, diarrhea, the whole nine yards. She's been pretty miserable. Staying home with her has been sad.

On the plus, it's given me lots of time to write. I am cruising along. It feels wonderful. The house is a disaster but I don't care! I am busting out the words.

Christ, it feels good!