Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Putting my money where my heart is

Every year I sign up with some charity or other and give out $10 a month via automated billpay. It's not a huge chunk of money, but it lets me feel a tiny bit better about myself and the role I play in the world. Sometimes I dig deep for individual projects, but I always rest easier knowing that every month, without even thinking about it, I'm doing something good.

Well, no longer.

From May thru the end of 2010, I want to give my $10 a month consciously to the markets that nourish spec fiction writers. Half of them are legally nonprofits, and the other half ... well, they're not exactly making a profit. And these people are the advocates of my corner of the universe. They stir up the new ideas, they promote fresh thinking. They give writers like me a few extra bucks to pad the grocery budget.

I want to pay them back. And I'm taking suggestions. Clarkesworld & Crossed Genres have gotten a little dose of love--who's next? And why?


Christie said...

GUD. Because they have awesome people innovating new business models, and if short fiction is going to survive it will need to innovate.

Metafrantic said...

I second Christie's suggestion of GUD. I'd also like to suggest Bull Spec, a new zine that I believe has a lot of potential: http://bullspec.blogspot.com/

And thanks for the contribution!

Wendy Wagner; said...

Thanks for the feedback, guys! I will definitely hit GUD for May and Bull Spec for June! Then there's CG Little Deaths for July ... jeez, so many cool zines, so little cash!