Monday, April 12, 2010

A new style

A new style of waiting, that is! I know I'm pretty new at the submissions game, but so far I've handled them like this: send out submission. Check email every twenty seconds. Panic. Feel depressed when the anticipated rejection arrives. Repeat. But I'm doing things differently now!

That's right. Now, I send out my submission. And then I dread checking my email and put it off as long as I dare (which, since it's my primary mode of communication, is not as long as I'd like). Because NO news is GOOD news. The longer there's nothing in my inbox, the longer that story has stayed out in the world, and the longer I get to wait before reading the dreaded four words: "Thank you, Ms. Wagner."

Yep. Hate those four words. They're always followed by something along the lines of "but we can not use your story at this time." And then despair.

Well, unfortunately, it's time to check my email. Keep your fingers crossed that it's empty!

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