Monday, April 19, 2010

Ode to geekerie

I have never been friends with anyone cool.

That's not to say that I've never been friends with anyone awesome or that my friends are uncool. Obviously, I have amazing friends. They're just geeks.

Geeks are willing to be enthusiastic about things. They get excited about something and they bubble over with it. Geeks try to learn more about their passions and make everyone they know into mini-experts on the topic. Geeks are passionate people.

I like being friends with geeks because they are always teaching me new stuff. Also, they don't look at me funny when I start talking supernaturally fast. They just listen harder.

I love being a part of the spec fic community because everybody involved is a super-mega-geek. Even the most important editor at the biggest publishing company is incredibly geeky. Actually, once you know how publishing works, you realize that an editor's job is to be a professional geek. That's right--they get paid to be full-time book geek. They just have to remember to talk more slowly than I usually manage during a full-on geekgasm. It gives them the illusion of cool.

Nothing makes me happier than giving in to my geekiest instincts and falling in love with a new subject. Nothing makes me happier than meeting another geek and riffing off their geek loves.

Nothing makes me happier than meeting kids that are growing up geeks. (And I'm thinking of my young friends Amberly and Kayla when I say that. Thank goodness for girls like you, who already rock so hard! We WILL hang out at Orycon. Just wait.)

Geeks rock. I love them. And I am so proud to be one that I'm even typing freakishly fast!

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