Saturday, May 29, 2010

Will work for bird seed

This is going to be a great summer. I'm really looking forward to a nice flexible schedule of editing and story production. And more importantly, feeding the neighborhood pests.

In case you haven't noticed, I love critters. Anything smaller with bright shiny eyes is a life form I can not resist. On the other hand, we're not allowed to have pets. For me, this is a special kind of torment, only ameliorated by an abundance of plants and a developing library devoted to bird watching. Things have also been a lot better since we got the bird feeder.

We used to primarily get swallows at the feeder, but lately a juvenile scrub jay has become rather territorial about it. I miss the swallows, but this guy is so funny and cheeky, I've grown attached to him. In fact, I've named him Gobbler. He loves nothing more than to stand on the feeder's roof, stretching out his wings and screaming his claim for the whole neighborhood to hear. When he sees one of us, he usually looks a touch embarrassed by his behavior.

For Mothers Day, my sweet family purchased a squirrel feeder as a gift. So far, this adorable device has seen zero squirrel action, but oddly enough, since it's arrival a squirrel has taken to eating from our bird feeder. We never used to get squirrels--that's why we got a squirrel feeder. Weird. But this little gal is so incredibly cute, I can't seem to mind her confusion. There is pretty much nothing more adorable than a squirrel looking up at you, her bright eyes gleaming and her nose covered in seeds. It's like a squee on four legs.

Of course, Gobbler is a little upset by the furry intruder. I watched him get his foot get caught in the auxiliary bird feeder (a wire mesh suet number) this morning, and after he pulled himself free, take a grumpy stance on top of the big front yard light. He squawked at the squirrel and beat his wings. The squirrel, cruelly enough, showed no concern.

If this rivalry continues all summer, I'm in for some serious entertainment. I'll also break the bank buying chow for these bottomless garden invaders. So if you've got any spare birdseed, feel free to send it my way. I could use it!

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