Thursday, May 13, 2010

Falling in with a good crowd

You guys, there is just so much exciting stuff going on in my life that I almost don't know where to start! Yesterday's one-line entry was pretty symptomatic of the zippy energy shooting around in my body. It's making it really hard for me to concentrate on ANYTHING, not just blogging. But I hope to knuckle down and settle down.

Part of the incredible excitement is the wave of awesome friend-power that's been rocking my personal boat. I have gotten to know such an amazing assortment of people lately that it is almost mind-blowing. From the parents of The Midget's buddies to my online writing crew to my amazing work buddies, I feel like I have found a group of people whose support is lifting me over the rough spots of life. It's a real blessing.

This year, in part because of the great encouragement from my Seshat tribe-mates, I've written and submitted half a dozen stories that are all significantly better than anything I've ever produced before. And I've worked my way through the first draft of a novel that is much, much more solid than any previous book. I can't believe how much good stuff is coming off of my keyboard.

It's really hard to believe that I've only met ONE of my writing buddies, the unbelievably amazing Sandra Wickham. (She is also single-handedly trying to curb my manic consumption of unhealthy baked goods. This woman is like a super-hero.) But things just might change! There's a chance--a really big chance now!--that I'm going to go to World Fantasy 2010!! I hadn't planned to go after the big intercontinental WHC blow-out, but I managed to be so thrifty on that trip that I think I can probably afford it.

Wow. I am getting so excited I think I have to blast some Lady G and dance like a maniac!


Lynda said...

You people have got to stop making WFC 2010 sound increasingly irresistible to me!

Shay said...

That sounds awesome, maybe if you go and have a little extra time there I could meet you in Columbus, it's about 6 hours away from me.