Saturday, May 08, 2010

Sumptuous Saturday!

WeFiNoMo is taking a slow-down while I deal with the reflux of unfinished business. I did manage 600-ish words last night and hope to pound out a good chunk tonight. Ugggggh. I am getting very, very close to the end of the first storyline, so it's getting pretty intense. Once I wrap up these ten or so scenes, I will have completed the entire storyline--I'm calling it the first draft and doing a dance! The 2nd POV storyline will get woven in during the 2nd draft/revision process.

Today turned into a Sumptuous Saturday, not because I cooked (ummmn, I did run the blender to create a smoothie for our dinner of cereal ... which Sweetie-Pie got out of the cupboard), but because I ate some amazing food.

Sweetie-Pie made his traditional Saturday of fried eggs, toast & potatoes, with his usual magic touch. But we have a new hot sauce I found at the food co-op that transforms a regular over-easy egg into pure deliciousness.

For lunch, we had burritos at Laughing Planet, where I enjoyed my favorite burrito, the Che Guevara. If you haven't tried it, you're missing out. It's loaded with sweet potatoes, plantains, black beans & some kind of magical sauce I am hopelessly addicted to.

For giggles, we stopped in at the Bipartisan Cafe for pie. I've been eager to try them since they opened, like 3 years ago. And I am happy to say--it's true. Their pie is amazing. Also, they have 8 or 9 pies to choose from at any point in time. The good news is that they're about 55 blocks away from our house and it's up-hill both ways. Otherwise I would just break down and buy a caftan right now in preparation for the fat-fest to come.

A special shout-out today to my friend Christie. She is my very own personal trainer in the writing fitness world, and without her, I would be a lazy, neurotic, ball of flab. I am so glad Twitter brought her in to my life!

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Miriam S. Forster said...

Mmm... delicous food...

You are doing way better on your finish novel month than I am. Maybe I should get a trainer! :)