Monday, July 12, 2004

Amendment considered

I've been thinking about Bush's little homophobic amendment, and while it's pathetic, it's also a pretty keen piece of work. See, Bush doesn't care if this thing goes anywhere--and trust me, he expects it won't. Big Dick, the most powerful man in America, has a lesbian daughter, and he quietly squashes a lot of anti-gay material. So Bush isn't really trying to ammend the constitution here.

What he is trying to do is lead Kerry out. Kerry is screwed no matter what he says about this thing. If he agrees with it, he just totally cut off a good chunk of his voting base. If he disagrees with it, the moderate Republicans who happen to be religious nut-jobs and/or homophobes are going to burn him. And he can't get elected without getting those moderates to support him.

Bush also gets the sweeeeet bonus of rallying the conservative Right around him--they are the people who get hard-ons over anti-gay legislation, and now they will LOVE Bush a lot, and not think about their lost Enron pension funds. This is crucial. After all, unlike the radical left, these people vote.

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