Thursday, February 17, 2011

Scared by the garden

I stepped out into the side yard today and took a look at my winter- and chicken-ravaged garden. YIKES! It's a disaster out there! Soil all over the place (because one old planter finally burst its seams and leaked dirt everywhere); chicken doodie landmines under every step and jet-launched leaves strewn about like the Nordstrom lingerie section after a white sale. Oof!

What is everybody else doing to get ready for the spring growing season? I haven't even glanced at any seed catalogs yet this winter!

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Erin Stocks said...

The first summer (2 summers ago) I lived in OK I went CRAZY with plants. All over the place, all kinds of herbs, tomatoes, beautiful growing things with no pesticides. And by the end of May, they had all been scorched to death. It was TRAGIC. So I will be following your gardening posts with much longing!