Friday, June 04, 2010

Gaga for my lady!

Come on. I want to know: what do you think about Lady Gaga?

Are you a fan? Do you think she's brilliant? Is she avant-garde or just another pop sensation?

I guess I want to know because, for me, Lady G represents a lot of things I like about pop culture in 2010. She blends high-brow and low-brow, smart & sleazy in one catchy package. She makes me think. She makes me want to stick my head out of my turtle shell and reconnect with the world. And I can't say that about a lot of public figures.

Plus, she's an advocate for all those people who felt freakish when they were high school and college kids. I felt that way! Who didn't? I really like that in her weird, scantily clad way, she is trying to reach out to the wacky, geeky kid in all of us.

Plus, she's incredibly cute!


Jen BW said...

Lady Gaga = Goddess!! Her voice isn't as pure as Xtina's or Sarah McLachlans for eg but she makes such a connection with people, puts on such a show, is so "herself", that she makes you feel special just by being yourself. And the more "yourself" you are, the better it is and the more special you are. Which is a concept I completely agree with. Also her music is great, and I completely would! Especially after seeing her live last week. She has an amazing energy and strength, yet is so sweet and vulnerable. K, I've rambled enough Gaga love now ;-D

JohnR said...

Music: I like the few songs I've heard, but pop songs tend not to have any lasting value for me. We'll see how these do. For now, I'm very likely to turn on Gaga when I'm trying to power my bike up a steep hill.

Video/Performer: Here is where Lady Gaga shines. She's a genius at creating tension: attraction + offensiveness, at embracing pop commercial culture and then slapping it full in the face. Plus she's unafraid to fuck with gender, and that wins big points in my book.

Finally, she's totally self-made. This woman set out to become a super star, and did it. She appears at first to be playing by the rules but when you look again, you see that she's twisting/warping/rewriting them as she moves through them which is the best most any of us can do to mess with the system.

lynda said...

I love her, for all the reasons Jennni and John named. I think I saw pictures of her before I heard her music and was hooked right away. I agree that it's in performance where she really shines; I love her use of artifice. And she's only 24--I wish I'd been half as brave and awesome at that age as she is!

Jak said...

Sorry sis, but she's just a pop-sensation in my book. :P


Shay said...

I feel weird saying this but I have never heard any of her music.