Monday, June 28, 2010

Do I even exist? Dealing with Web Withdrawals

After a week with a pretty limited online presence, I feel weird. I haven't connected to most of my online friends. I haven't posted on my blog. And nobody's retweeted me in a good eight days! I feel almost invisible.

I'm pretty sure that sensation is a good sign that taking a break is the right thing to do. When you get to the point when your virtual validation is more important than your real-life experiences, you have a problem.

Of course, my problem is that I'm an aspiring writer with a day-job in a different field. At this stage in my life, it's significantly easier to connect with people in my industry online than it is in person. But then again, there are always exceptions!

The highlight of last week was a great Tweet-up with Blake Charlton. Blake is a Renaissance figure in spec fic these days, spending the summer promoting his first book, Spellwright, while on sabbatical from his work as a Stanford medical student. Wow. Let me tell you, a beer and reading with that guy makes you feel like smarts are rubbing off on you! Anyway, I'm very glad I had a chance to meet Blake and hope to see him again soon. Maybe when his second book comes out!


Miriam S. Forster said...

I know how you feel. I've been feeling very shout-into-the-void lately. I don't know if it's because of less time online, the fact that everyone's a bit more absent in June, or something else.

Maybe it's a sign that I need to hang out face-to-face with people more...

Don said...

I know I'm into other things--including writing, imagine that!!--during the summer. Haven't even been tweeting as much lately. And it's rough playing catch-up to the point where I don't, at least not via twitter streams. I resort to emailing and/or blogstalking :)

All these writers who get deals while getting advanced degrees scare me! But it's yet another example of how little excuse people have for not writing.

G said...

wow and yup do I know this feeling. and it kind of goes both ways~ when I stay off-line, I frequently can be quite productive... but the LONELINESS!!

(btw, your meet up w/ blake sounds amazing and inspiring! way to go!)