Monday, March 15, 2010

Prolific Blogger award + housekeeping

Sunday the terrific Helen Ginger gave me the Prolific Blogger Award, which was an awesome and exciting thing to receive! For one, I've been posting to this blog for almost 6 years now, and only recently gotten a regular blogging schedule under my belt--becoming a "prolific blogger" has been a real goal for me in last year or so. I feel like I'm really working toward my goal now! Part of the award is passing it on to other special bloggers who are doing their part to fill up the blogging sphere. Here are some people who inspire me or whom I'd like to encourage:
  • Miriam, from Dancing With Dragons is Hard on Your Shoes. Miriam and Helen have both been incredibly inspiring bloggers. They are very busy with their writing careers, but have made blogging a priority. Miriam's discussion of her own blogging schedule motivated me to create a blogging schedule for myself! Also, Miriam is super-funny and adorable.
  • Erin, from Snarke. This is the woman who taught me to blog! Erin's been blogging since blogs were invented, and her regularity is astonishing. And she's really, really funny.
  • Kristina, from Ten Minute Missive. Kristina has recently been making a real effort to blog on a more regular basis--and thank goodness! This lady makes parenting hysterical! Not only is she a great blogger, but she's also a stand-up comic, owner of 8 pets and mother of 3. Oh, and my sister, which just goes to show that we have dorkdom in our genes.
  • Sandra, from Sandra Wickham's Blog. Sandra's just created a regular blogging routine, and I'd really like to get the word out about her site. It's fun; it's funny, and it will motivate you to put down the pie and run off to the gym.
  • Wendy, from Where Ladybugs Roar. Wendy is extra-special, and not just because she is another writing Wendy and Washingtonian (my dark secret: I was born in eastern Washington. Don't tell the rest of Portland, 'k?). Wendy is a posting machine--you should see her smoke Twitter--while managing work and two amazing kids. I stand in awe of this woman.
So click over and spend some time with these fantastic women of blogging!

Another great thing about getting this award is that reminded me that I hadn't updated the quote of the month or fixed the random layout error that gave me the unintentional pseudonym "Wendy Stumptown." And while I love my city, I don't plan on marrying it. ;)

That's about it on updates. I don't have much new to share, except that I've been introduced to book's editor, and that in one week and one day, I will be on my way to Brighton, England for the World Horror Convention!!! I'll be reading my story from Severed Press's 2012 AD anthology and attending a workshop with Jo Fletcher. It should be terrific!

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kristina said...

You are such a great role model for all things writerly. Even if you weren't my sister, I'd love ya!

Now, off to read a bunch o' blogs and get to writing more myself.

THANK YOU! xoxox