Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hystrionics of history!

I really can't remember a time when I didn't yearn to go to England. I know that by the time my sister went to study abroad in Wales and London--I was ten--I was already desperate to visit the historical isle. Unfortunately, I didn't fit inside her carry-on. But now I finally get to go. And I'm totally overwhelmed.

I almost lack words to explain how excited I am. 95% of it blossoms from my inner history geek. Honestly, thank heavens the convention is in Brighton and not Hastings. I would probably go into a history-induced coma and miss the whole thing. I've lived my whole life in Oregon. History started in the mid-1800s out here. (Yes, the Native Americans of our region have a rich and fascinating history, but unfortunately, my predecessors went out of their way to destroy the evidence.) Can you imagine standing on the site of a historical incidence from almost 1000 years ago? For me, it's mind-boggling.

Needless to say, I'm a little wound up about this trip. On top of my natural nervousness about leaving my family--and I've never spent more than one night away from The Midget, so it's a pretty serious nervousness--I have to worry that I'll bump into some historical plaque and become so overwrought with the vapors of the past that I pass out.

People reading this are probably smugly certain that I'm exaggerating. I'm not. You're reading the rantings of a woman who looked at a fossil of archaeopteryx and began bawling hysterically. A woman who became so shaky and weepy at the Art Institute of Chicago that she had to go back to the hotel and take a bath. A woman who raved for two days after entering the rare book room at the library.


A really, really excited dork.



Sandra Wickham said...

You're so hilarious!!

Just don't get so nervous and excited that you FORGET to enjoy every single moment!! I'll keep a close eye on you, make sure you're not going to pass out at the museum or on the Ghost Walk or anything...

It's going to be GREAT!!!!! Can't wait to see you.

Polenth said...

You probably wouldn't get far in Hastings. The castle can be seen from most of the town centre, and that's about where the train would dump you. On the plus side, it's mostly pedestrianised, so it's a safe place to faint.

Enjoy your trip to Brighton!

Headshot Heather said...

You are adorable! I cannot wait to see pictures and, more importantly READ about your experiences,as well as, read what will eventually be written due to inspiration from this trip.

JohnR said...

Wendy, I love your love for antiquity, and I share it. <3!

kristina said...

So, my "baby" sister leaves tomorrow for the land I called home for a year. I wish I could squeeze my hiney in your suitcase sweetie!

But in the completely WEIRD way the world turns, I was digging through my UK stuff and found this - a poem you sent me for my 21st birthday while I was at Trinity.

SO, for all of Wendy's adoring fans, here is her poem, penned (well, pencilled if you must know) when she was not quite 11 years old:


The light of day glows,
The dragon walks the street.

Clawed toes,
And flame should any meet.

The sun sets,
The dragon walks the streets.

Bright eyes,
And wildly spread feet.

Nose asmoke,
And eyes afire,

Streets of gold,
And rubber tire,

Waiting bum,
And rich, oh so!

The dragon sees,
With eyes aglow,

What all should see,
But never know.

The starving poor,
The bloating rich,

The lowly dog,
The men in ditch.

The dragon sighs,
And turns.

It goes and leaves,
But New York,

Doesn't notice, as it leaves,
The wake of sorrow in its passing.

~Wendy Wagner, circa 1989

Be safe my little sun beam. I love you.

Wendy Wagner; said...

So funny to see this poem! It was my first-ever published piece--every year the county put together an anthology and this piece was included. I haven't seen it in ages!

Thanks for all the good wishes, gang. Now if only I could bring more stuff...