Saturday, November 14, 2009

Via entering the bloodstream

Almost had a nervous breakdown today, but Sweetie-pie came through with a Lego project for the kid. I tell you, it is almost impossible to balance this mad writing rush with life right now. I didn't realize how much I depend on Sweetie-Pie until he spent half the week in bed with the flu.

Thank you to the support teams of the world. It's hard to believe that behind every single book on every single bookcase in the world, there's a group of people kindly holding up the author. If they're like Sweetie-Pie, they don't even complain about it! (Not so the kid ... grumble, grumble ... anybody need a 6-year-old for a couple of weeks?)

The caffeine is kicking it. Time to kick up the Death Cab and fire up the neurons. Only about another 15,000 words to go.


Zombie Hunter Tony said...

Ah geez, if I only had 15,000 words to go, I would be a happy camper.

About to clear 20,000 down, so that's something.

Keep on trucking!!

Kristina said...

Ah, now I know why I'll never write a book, let alone get one published! Enjoy the caffeine!

Shay said...

You can send Fi my way, she can keep Hannah entertained.