Monday, November 02, 2009

Smug as a bug!

I just want to say that I brainstormed some new exciting scenes for Nanowrimo and created 1600+ new words on the Work In Progress. Also, my bathroom is awesomely clean (thanks to the kid for her assistance!).

Despite morning misgivings, this was an awesome day and I feel great about it!

I also learned that when you buy the bottomless cup of coffee at the Artemis Cafe, you run the risk of drinking way, way too much of their delicious house java. I actually drank enough coffee that every hair on my body stood on end. That might be a little too much, even for me.


Jak said...

Too much coffee? Whats that mean? It's like too much money, there's no such thing.

:D Kudos on the motivational skills.


Erin said...

YOU have a coffee limit???

Headshot Heather said...

You are awesome! Reach for those stars!! As for there being a limit to coffee intake, the nectar of the gods knows no limit!

Anonymous said...

Umm, yeah, there is a limit. I don't drink that much caffeine. When I was visiting my relatives (grandparents' age) in Prineville, my aunt plied me with coffee throughout the day. She called me a 'light-weight' because my ears rang over her 'end of the jar instant cup of joe' she made for me. It was thicker than lab coffee...My heart was racing, hands were shaking, ears ringing - what a rush! And yes...I went back for more! :) Lisa