Sunday, October 04, 2009

Blog recommendation

On top of being a writing, zombie-hating (loving? It's a complicated relationship!) nerd, I am also a total animal geek. Today I was introduced to a touching blog called Your Black Cat. The page is devoted to black cats--who happen to be the least-adopted pet in US animal shelters. If it wasn't for my darn landlord, I'd rush out and adopt 2 or 3! I love anything with hard-luck story.

Also, the writer of Your Black Cat is going to have a story published in the same upcoming "2012 AD" anthology as me! Now I can't wait for December to read hers.

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gr8tchr4u said...

Oohhhh. Black kitties! We have one that James found out in the sticks. She was abandoned in the middle of a heat wave. Maggie is the BEST kitty. All of our kitties are rescue. Great post & blog! :)