Thursday, November 27, 2008

Super Turkey!


I made Bryanna Grogan's Seitan & Soy Turkey for Thanksgiving dinner, and after giving it some sweet upgrades (like adding a little applesauce to wet ingredients and apple juice to basting liquid, as well as following a different baking technique recommended by another food blogger), the beast turned out unbelievable. [I thought about inserting the f*bomb in between the syllables of 'be' and 'li', just to underscore the amazing goodness of this protein loaf.] I would double-dog dare Tofurkey to make a better dish.

Also AMAZING was the pear-cranberry crumble. The crumble itself was just tasty, but the combination of the pecans in the streuselly topping and the cararmel sauce (and ice cream) we spooned over the top created a magical pecan pie + fruity goodness experience that blew me away.

Combined with a wonderful hike in the Audubon Nature Sanctuary and a full day of bonding with my cool niece, this was a Thanksgiving I don't think I'll ever forget.

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