Friday, November 07, 2008

I am a femme fatale!

This headline takes a little explaining. It begins close to eleven years ago, a time when the nation was rocked by the exploits of a young White House intern in a blue dress. A time when a fellow classmate turned to meand said, "Wow! You look just like Monica Lewinski!" And other people agreed.

It was a very dark moment in my life that led to an extreme haircut and new clothes.
I thought I'd left that experience behind me, but Wednesday night, I couldn't help but remember it. My delightful friend Katie joined me in the weekly trip to the market to pick up my produce from my marvelous farmer. We waited patiently as a young man in biking gear bought some appealing broccoli, and then I stepped up and began chatting with Lyle (the farmer). Hearing my voice, the bicyclist turned his head and stared. "Are you trying to do a Sarah Palin impression?"

He looked a little flustered when Lyle assured him that I was just a naturally cheerful person, and my stunned (and grumpy) "No! That's just how I normally sound!" probably didn't help either.

So now I know. I have the voice of Sarah Palin in Monica Lewinksi's body. I could bring down the entire political system!

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