Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Healthy eats

I'm all for healthy eats, but I draw the line at spinach in my waffles!

The things you read about on the fatfreevegan discussion board ...

On the plus side, we did make a delicious sorbet last night for dessert. It featured a lot of frozen strawberries, pineapple (crushed from a can) and a banana--upon tasting, I added a little agave nectar to boost the flavors. The fiber from the banana and pineapple gave it a soft, sherbet-y texture that was really lovely.

I am trying to cut down on wheat again. After a lot of fun noshing at work, I have gained a couple of pounds, and I am back to drinking two or three cups of coffee every day. How delightful to surf the ups-and-downs of my two favorite addictions--caffeine and wheat. You should see me try to fight off a toast craving! It's like watching a smoker or a junkie try to resist their favorite drug. Apparently this is not a surprise. A lot of people who have wheat issues (I don't know that I have a wheat issue, but I do know that if I eat more than about 2 servings in one day, I feel weird and have truly repugnant gas--sorry about the TMI) crave wheat desperately. Because of the trauma going on in the gut, your body starts to pump out endorphins, creating a morphine-like high. Goody. Morphine. Thank goodness for rice cakes!

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Erin said...

Is the wheat withdrawal anything like the caffeine withdrawals you used to get? :)