Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Brain twisters

Why is it so much more tempting to make a blog entry than work on my latest novel-in-progress? Hmmn. I suppose part of it is knowing Fibee will wake up any moment, ruining any attempt of mine to even think coherently. Actually, now that you mention it, that's probably the biggest reason. If a bird makes a clicking sound remotely similar to the sound Fi makes when she turns off her nightlight, I spasmodically save every document and prepare to slam the laptop closed. Whew. It's exhausting.

Another difficult-to-answer question: why do my parents torture me? Why do they keep saying "Why don't you visit more often?" Or "Well if you were up here, I could get you a llama for about $5." Or worse: "Well, if you'd come up and help me build the coop, you could play with the chickens all you wanted." Yeah. Torture, especially when you consider the fact they live in WILBUR, Washington! In case you aren't familiar, it's in the the northwest corner of BFE. You know, the part with no trees. Or jobs.

Sigh. These are the mysteries that torture a woman.

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Kt said...

Geez, I manage to distract myself from writing enough. I can't imagine how hard it would be with a 4 year old running around! You have a wonderful excuse.

Mmm, the country vs city challenge. Pardon while I go bash my head against a wall. (Read: I have often struggled with this myself.)

I've been Googling Bendy Wendy, and I'm so impressed by how quickly you've piled up recognition! You go! I can't believe one of my friends is actually making a mark on such a big city. You're...you're famous!!

Can I have your autograph?