Tuesday, November 09, 2004

downer day

Today was sort of a downer. I feel extremely negative about my book right now--I feel so yucky about the characters, the plot, the setting, the language. Oh yeah, I guess that's pretty much everything about the damn thing. I hope I've learned something about writing, because I'm tempted to call it a learning experience and toss it in a drawer, never to be seen again. And then I'll wait a few years before I even think about writing another word.


It doesn't help that politics suck and my kid is in a hitting-and-biting-mommy phase. Life just feels ... kind of empty right now.


Smoggo said...

Dearest W,

I'm so sorry i wasn't able to talk more yesterday. If you still want to talk I'll be around this afternoon. I'm sorry the book isn't working out, I REALLY liked what I read before. You are the best!

Kt said...

Hey, don't worry, Wen! It's perfectly natural to go through phases in writing, especially if you devote a lot of time to it. I found that when I sat down to do nothing *but* write, I was out of ideas in a matter of weeks. Throw your story in the drawer and walk away from it. Keep writing, but do a different style - journal, editorial, or just a completely different story. But keep a notebook on hand to jot down any new ideas concerning your original story. I've solved some of my hardest problems when I haven't thought of the story at all!

Another good way to revitalize your writer's skill - work on your story in a different medium. I cycle through the phases of writing about my story, drawing scenes from my story, writing songs about my story, or reading other writers whose styles I like. (aka Charles Dickens!) I don't know how much you like to draw, but there's nothing like looking at an actual picture of your characters to solidify who they are and what they should be doing. Helps to take the book out of your head and into the real world.

Hope this helps. Just don't get frustrated! It happens to everyone.