Friday, October 22, 2004


Kurt and Juju's wedding was amazing. She looked so beautiful! He looked so handsome! They both spoke beautifully and filled our hearts with hope for the beauty of love.

Needless to say, I've been a complete sucker for romance the last few days. I've been emailing the old Chump, who might come for a visit, and of course started daydreaming about reconciliation possibilities. I know there's no chance, but once you get in a romantic groove, there's not much you can do to shake it off.


You know, I don't even know I'd want the Chump and I to reconcile. I like being a single parent. I like knowing that I can date anybody I want to, and not worry a second about commitment. Not that I'm dating anybody nowadays. But I could.

On the other hand ... I miss him. I miss the things we used to laugh at, adn I miss how comfortable it was to be with him and how sweet he could be, and probably more than anything else, I miss his cooking. He's the best cook I've ever met.

Damn Kurt and Juju!

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Erin said...

It's hard, even if you're happy being single, to be single when you see your friends get married or find a new relationship. Even though you're really happy, part of you goes "Waaaaaah, I want that too" and suddenly people who you are quite content being apart from don't look so bad. It's good that you can remember good stuff with The Chump, even if it does make you nostalgic and extra girly :)