Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The 2nd biggest day of the year

Monday is the second* biggest non-holiday holiday of my year:  H. P. Lovecraft's birthday! Woo-hooo! Rock on, Lovecraft!

I'm hoping to make a big fuss about the big guy and I might have something fun for you guys that day. But I'm just wondering--what do you all think I should do to celebrate? Drink coffee milk, the state drink of Rhode Island (Lovecraft's home state)? Read three H.P. short stories that I haven't read before? Watch Lovecraft-inspired short films on Youtube? Rock out all day to my H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society CD collection?

Or do it all???

*The first biggest is Charles Darwin's birthday on February 12th.

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Anonymous said...

Play a little Call of Cthulu?