Monday, March 05, 2012

Eating & reading amazing

Ahh, blissful weekend of delicious food for belly and brain. Here's an overview of the chow:
-- Onion Cheese-Swirl Rolls: these tasted like onion rings. I made a batch of bread dough and rolled the dough out into a rectangle. I spread the dough with mayonnaise (trust me) and sprinkled on grated cheddar cheese and lightly salted chopped onion. Then I rolled it all up into a log, sliced the logs into lovely rolls (like a cinnamon roll) and baked until golden brown and delicious.
-- BLT wraps: the best wraps I've made in a really long time! We prepped a mashed-garbanzo bean salad (just a little bit of mayo with lots of pickle relish), added lots of salad mix, chopped tomatoes, tempeh bacon and feta. Could have used some onions, but I was too lazy to chop.

The brain food came mostly from a wonderful newsletter I've been getting from Brain Pickings. It's a wonderfully curated assortment of bits from some of the finest contemporary writers and thinkers--you never know what you'll get to read about, but you will be smarter when you get done.

Feeling smart is a special treat for me these days. I've had the horrible realization that 6 years in a job that does not challenge my intellect is making me stupid. Writing genre fiction has made me a much better word user and more careful reader, but my analytical mind is shriveling. My ability to make successful arguments is wasting away. I worry about what I'll be like in a few more years.


Kt said...

But isn't being a mom challenging your analytical skills increasingly every day? Pretty soon you'll be wily enough to outmaneuver a teenager, which is more than most people can say.

Kt said...

Also, I made a special award just for you - ta da! That's what I've been doing this week, making awards for my dearest fellow bloggers.

It's silly.