Thursday, November 10, 2011

Orycon schedule!

OMG, Orycon is TOMORROW!!

*stops to hyperventilate*

I'd love to hang out with everybody possible, so if you're in town, please catch me after a panel or reading or something so we can chit-chat. Here's where I should be:

2 pm: "Drowning in Slush," a panel in Idaho
4 pm: Orycon Writers' Workshop, Executive Meeting Center
10 pm: "Erotic Bedroom Stories," a quick reading in Washington
Midnight: "Midnight Erotica Readings," Grant

11 am: "How to Prepare a Manuscript," another panel in Idaho
Noon: "Fantasy Magazine Reading,"Grant
2 pm: "Reading for Children," Hamilton
5 pm: "Stalking the Wild Anthology, Roosevelt
Midnight: "Midnight Horror Readings," Grant

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G said...

you are epic! i *cannot* wait!