Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Gut check

As lame as it is to admit, I still haven't gotten my mojo back after Virtual Tales' collapse. Losing my book -- even though it wasn't much of a book, and it wasn't much of a book deal -- seems to have sucked out some kind of faith I had in myself and in writing novels. Honestly, I think I've been battling a low-grade depression since I got the news.

Maybe noveling will work out and maybe it won't. At least I'm still writing.


Miriam Forster said...

*sends hugs*

*and cookies*

Shay said...

(((big hugs)))

Woggy dearest! as a wise person once told me, Like gas, this too shall pass!

You have to grieve for the loss of your book. Once you grieve you will find acceptance of the situation and be able to move on.

I yuk you lots!!!!!!!!!

Cate Gardner said...

I think it's a perfectly natural response. I also know it will pass. Sometimes life sucks, but there's always something new and amazing around the corner.

Anonymous said...

That's harsh. But like the good people posted above me, I'm sure better things are to come.