Friday, July 30, 2010

One musing on the future of other creatures

Humans are the new great evolutionary pressure. Only lifeforms that adapt to live with us or upon our leavings will continue existing. As we tinker with every system on this planet, pushing the world into arrangements more perfect for human life--or rather, for those living the American imperialist lifestyle--we destroy the people and organisms that do not seem to serve our purposes.

The fight to preserve the natural world will not succeed unless it is waged against the juggernaut of 21st-century Western culture.

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Jak said...

But evolution, by is very nature, states that all species as we know them now must one day become extinct. Too much, in our understanding of the world, is based on the idea that the world is a Still Photograph, that we are the pinnacle. Whether we were here or not the Dodo would have gone extinct eventually, for as evolution opens the door it also closes it. Some species evolved into niches, just as we ourselves did, and it is as much one as the other. While we are to blame, of that there is no doubt, it is shameful to think the world can only be the way we want it.