Tuesday, January 26, 2010

World Horror Convention is rocking my brain!

Now that it is suddenly the end of January--how did that happen??--March looks insanely close, and with it, a cross-oceanic voyage to the World Horror Convention in Brighton, England. I am almost too excited about it to think straight!

Here are just a few of my thoughts on the matter:
1) I have never been out of North America. Just the idea of seeing the UK makes me insane with glee. Of all the places I've dreamed about visiting, the UK has been at the top of my list since I was, oh, 5.

2) I will be traveling BY MYSELF. I have only flown on an airplane with Fiona, so this alone is reason for excitement. (I am doubly pleased about being able to pee without sharing that teensy airplane bathroom with a wiggly kid.) But there is a touch of nervousness, too. I mean, I've never slept in a hotel room alone before--every traveling experience has always involved friends or family. Gulp.

3) Somehow I got on the reading list. Yeah, this year at the WHC, they're running The Reading Cafe, where any body with the urge can sign up to do a reading, and since I'm a total publicity slut, I put my name in the hat. And they said yes.

4) Oh, did I mention that I'm leaving my kid for close to an entire week? Sure, she's in the best possible hands and she'll be enjoying a week of junk food, movies and video games with her Pops, but we've never been apart more than one night before, and honestly? One night has been more than long enough for me. I get a little misty-eyed over a breakfast without the kid.

5) I have no idea what to wear.

Of course, all these fears and excitements can easily be overcome. Excitement can be eased by tedious research and lots of deep breathing. Fear can be worn down by plenty of tedious research and practice, and when I finally reach the con, judicious application of alcohol. So really, of all the items on the list, the only one that should be occupying my mind right now is #5.

Oh my god! What will I wear????


kristina said...

Hmm, a shopping trip seems to be in order little missy! Your Value Village or mine? :)

Wendy said...

K: Oooh, retail therapy at its finest! We should set a date.