Monday, June 14, 2004


So first off, I want to make something clear: it's BUFFO, not buff. I'm not an opera buff; I like it; I studied it, but that's all behind me. Opera buffo is the laugh-your-pants-off form of comic opera. It's good stuff. It's packed full of buffoons (note the shared word root), idiots, farces and ridiculous plot turns.

BUFFO, in other words, is the state of my life. Most people's lives, I think. Sure, we sometimes have those serious, dramatic, intense moments. But when you look back over your week, you probably notice that most of it was packed full of buffoons, idiots, farces and ridiculous plot turns.

And you thought it was just you!

Speaking of buffoonery, this is the third "premiere" post for this site. I just kept getting frustrated: the first post has to be right! It's the mood setter. I think I like this one. It's cheery, chirpy, and not too dumb. I think that's me in a nutshell . . .

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